[HIRING] Customer Support and Discord Moderators

Hello! Discord Land is a company that creates resources and utilities for Discord Users and Developers. We are currently hiring Customer Support and Discord Moderators.

What are their job?

Customer Support

Help Users with anything they need help with and put on a good face to the public.

Discord Moderator

Discord Moderators make sure everyone is following the rules and keeps the server safe.


Payment is based on your work. We can discuss a payment you want.

How to Apply

Simply go to: Discord Land | Apply for Staff

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Hi, I currently I can not apply due to not being on the Plesk Database. If im doing something wrong, please tell me. The error was by logging in via Google: Error: Failed to log in to Plesk. The email address
EMAIL_PROTECTION is not linked to any Plesk accounts. Visit your profile and link your social network email address to your Plesk account to enable social login. If so, where can I create an account? Kind Regards, @anautonell.

Apologies, the URL has been changed to Discord Land | Apply for Staff