Hosting Changes | 10/31/21

Hi Discord Land Crew,

Today we are introducing/changing many new things. here are a few I can tell you about before I get into detail.
Introducing… Website Hosting!!!
Changing the way Discord Bot Hosting Works…

Discord Bot Hosting

Currently, the only way to get Discord Bot Hosting is by purchasing Premium/Boosting or by having a Bot on our Bot List. This is now changing. Up until November 14th, we will keep allowing Bot Hosting Registration. After that it will close. It will only re-open on:

Federal Holidays
New Year’s Day
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
George Washington’s Birthday
Memorial Day
Juneteenth National Independence Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day

When it does open it will be free to all Bot Owners who do Not yet have a bot on our Hosting Service. However, it will be 50% off for all users who want to go buy it at PyroHost (Our Partner - More info below).

All current Bots on our List that is currently being hosted by us will be migrated to PyroHost. It will be free of cost on PyroHost for all Bot Owners. All bot owners will have their Starter Plan for free. This does cost us money and it is sponsored by Discord Land. We appreciate any donations you may give us to keep this running. In order to have your bot migrated, please open an Administration Ticket in our Discord Server, Signup for an Account on, and we will take it from there.

Registration for Hosting Service on a Federal Holiday

On a Federal Holiday, our Portal’s registration will open up. You can sign up and use a Coupon Code to claim your hosting. Your coupon code will be DM’ed to you upon Bot Approval regardless if Hosting Registration is open.

Website Hosting

Yes, we will have Website Hosting. All Discord Servers approved to our list will be able to claim free Website Hosting from PyroHost. The process is different to Bot Hosting though. When your bot is approved, you must contact PyroHost to claim your free Hosting. However, Website Hosting is only opened for free on Federal Holidays like above. View PyroHost’s Website for more information about their Website Hosting.

Any questions?

We’d love to help! Discord Land