[SELLING] Krodo and Discord List Premium

Hi! I am selling premium for my bot Krodo and Bot/Server List.

What is it?

Krodo Pro introduces some cool features for Krodo such as full Ticket Customization, Permission System, Beta Access, Early Command Deployment and more!
Discord List Premium includes No Ads and Priority Submission Reviews for our Bot and Server List.


Krodo Pro costs $3.99 a month for 1 server
$5.99 for 2 servers
$7.99 for 3 servers
$9.99 for 5 servers
and $1.99 per additional server after that except for 10 servers which is $19.45 or $24.99 for all your servers per month.
We also have a lifetime option for $59.99.
Popular servers can get discounts or even free Pro if they contact us and we approve them. Feel free to reach out to us if you think you are fit.

Discord List Premium is a one time payment of $4.99.

How to Buy

Simply make a ticket in our Discord Server. Discord Land